Latest trends and tools in business analytics

Change is the law of nature and the law applies to the field of business as well. Following the market trends and utilizing state-of-the-art tools is what makes the business stand out and sustain in this era of competition.

Organizations look to adopt trending tools and technology in order to increase their revenues and cut the organizational costs. Companies have a huge amount of data related to the field of research, production, marketing, sales, customer service and employees data. Having a thorough look at these data can help the companies in identifying the shortcomings and adopting ways and tools to improve them. Business analytics is essential as it identifies the risk and manages it so that the organization flourishes. It is a futuristic step that witnesses different trends each year. The latest trends and tools are as follows:


1.     Digitalization

Most of the businesses have shifted their workflow from offline process to an online network with computer-supported processes. A majority of businesses nowadays rely on software instead of papers and manual process. This enables collection and monitoring of data in real-time. The managers and other officials can observe and tackle an issue before it becomes critical. The performance appraisal of the employees is also carried out in a better way.

Many more companies will be transforming towards a digital system in the year. This would mean cutting the costs by almost 90% and improvement in the turnaround time. The most important tool for business analytics is smart data. The companies need to use the advanced tools and have internet connectivity to manage the data and ensure its security.


2.     Data security and Data Analysis

Business firms deal with ample of data that need to be governed properly. Data Analysis deals with analyzing what is important for the business and what is not. It involves checking the processes, quality of work, risk management and other aspects that focus on futuristic goals.

Security of data is also of utmost importance. Business analytics play a vital role in the security of data. It helps in taking preventing measures to counterattack malware, intrusion detection and enhances privacy measures. Businesses are focusing on data security to a greater extent.


3.     Artificial intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence deals with machines where all the business analysis is carried out with the help of machine for 100% accuracy and prompt results. The demand for real-time analysis is escalating and AI exactly achieves it. Furthermore, IoT (Internet of Things) is bringing copious of data which can only be handled and analyzed by machines quickly. Machine Learning is the current application of AI where the machines are given access to company’s data to learn for themselves.

4.     Relying on Cloud analytics

Cloud storage is in vogue by every organization and it continues its reign with many more companies relying on it.  Cloud storage ensures the security of important data and it can be accessed as and when needed. The cloud-based tools are increasing which is increasing the reliance of people in cloud analytics.

5.     Infographics

Infographics are more appealing and illustrative than written communication. It communicates an intricate set of data just by meaningful visualization. People don’t have time to go through 1000 words of content and rather prefer an infographic that caters the whole detail visually. Data visualization is amplifying and more and more companies will shift their attention towards using this robust tool.

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