Why Should You Opt For A Post Graduate Diploma In Product & Tool Design?

A business can only sustain itself if it is able to boost its sales and magnify its revenue in the long run. To increase sales, a business emphasizes the manufacturing of competitive products and services that are attuned to the needs and wants of its targeted audience.  A post graduate diploma in Product and Tool Design incorporates the underlying concepts of a product’s entire life cycle, starting from identification of its need to the different stages involved in its conceptualization, planning, design, development and marketing. It also focuses on the creation of various tools that are utilized to produce the desired products in bulk.

What is Product & Tool Design?


Product design is a specialized field that encompasses the art and science of fabricating a product, including modeling of its architecture, creation of its prototype, development of the actual product and use of a variety of validation techniques to test a product for its resilience and tolerance to external factors, such as heat, cold, moisture, accidental falls etc. The meticulous process entails the evaluation of a gamut of ideas to estimate whether the formulated products will be relevant, usable, sustainable and affordable for the end users and to subsequently transform the selected ideas into value-added products by leveraging a combination of design aesthetics, ergonomics and the latest tools and technologies that are prevalent in the industry. The ultimate goal of this field is to ensure that products are designed with a competitive edge in relation to their price, quality, functionality, feature, after-sales service etc. in order to boost their consumption among the masses and to bring in more revenue for businesses.


In order to aid mass production of products, one requires the able support of cutting-edge tools that are easily operable and cost-effective, do not pose any risk to a worker’s health and safety and offer high precision and superior quality of output. The niche field of tool design is related to the planning and development of custom-made tools and devices that facilitate the manufacturing of a product or service. It includes the design of jigs, fixtures, gauges, punches, casting dies, injection moulds etc.

Significance of a Post Graduate Diploma in Product & Tool Design


A Post Graduate or Masters in Product and Tool Design can help engineering students acquaint themselves with the practical know-how of how miscellaneous products and tools are designed from scratch and the various factors that need to be considered in order to fashion them in a way that lowers an organization’s manufacturing cost while maximizing its profit. Irrespective of whether a product and tool designer is into the development of complex industrial products and machinery, high-precision medical instruments or items of everyday use such as lifestyle goods and household appliances, the fundamental principles governing the design of products and their associated tools remain the same. Thus, a post graduate program in product and tool design can increase the employability of a candidate by boosting his or her job prospects across diverse industries and business sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, FMCG, automobile, retail etc.

Best Training Institute to Pursue Product and Tool Design Courses in India


If you are aspiring to make a career out of designing innovative products and tools, then you must seek a certification in this field to learn its basics and gain a first-hand experience of field operations and industrial nuances. Imparting world-class technical education to students for decades now, the reputed Pune-based private training institute named MITSkills has earned countrywide reputation for its state-of-the-art learning facilities and its successful job-oriented technical programs that integrate the most up-to-date course curriculum with the latest industry trends and insights.


Designed by veteran industry experts, MITSkills’ 6-month ‘Advanced Post Graduate Program in Product and Tool Design’ has been thoughtfully structured to explore key topics pertaining to product design, tool design and software & equipment. Enrolment in the course exposes you to concepts, such as Product Detailing, Ergonomics, Product Planning and Marketing, Jigs and Fixture Design, Casting Die Design, Injection Mould Design, Advanced Manufacturing Process, Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T), Rapid Prototyping, Styling – Alias, CAD, CAM, CAE etc.


Option to choose between regular and weekend courses, ability to earn hands-on experience on high-end design equipment, provision of industrial visits and placement assistance post course completion are supplementary features that further add to the novelty of this short-term course from MITSkills and make it one of the best product and tool design courses in India to help you steer your career in this domain and give it a dream launch with a lucrative job in a top-rated manufacturing firm or industry.

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